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Address: 169 Drake Street, Rochdale, OL11 1EF
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Activity Groups

We run an independently constituted activities group targeted at vulnerable adults in Rochdale, although everyone is welcome to attend. There are a range of different activities to meet different levels of skill and ability and plenty of paid and volunteer support staff in attendance to provide assistance.

Many of the people who come to our activities group experience mental health problems or learning difficulties. Our fun and engaging sessions help them to socialise and integrate with the wider community, supporting their well-being and happiness. Our tenants love coming to our sessions, learning new skills and improving their independence with the help of our trained and professional staff.

Arts and Crafts

Our arts and craft sessions mean service users can create attractive and functional decorations for their houses and teaches them essential life skills, including proper use of tools.


We take service users out to the local bowling alley regularly and host a number of other exciting and engaging events, getting people out of the house and supporting their wellbeing and happiness.


Learn key IT skills with our computer sessions! Pick up a keyboard and learn how to surf the web, control a computer and use basic programmes.


Learn to cook healthy and nutritious meals! We run courses on a huge range of dishes from all over the world, before serving up huge and hearty plates to the people in attendance.


We have a number of weekly exercise sessions based on the preferences and recommendations of our service users - you can come to boxing lessons, badminton games and everything in-between!


Nothing is more relaxing than learning gardening skills, growing fruit and vegetables, creating attractive pieces of land and getting your hands dirty.


Show your skills at singing in one of our karaoke sessions! With hundreds of songs to choose from and an appreciative audience, there’s no better way to belt out the classics than on a karaoke machine.

Key Skills

Many of our service users have difficulties with maths, reading, writing and other important skills. We provide patient and expert instruction so they can build their skills in whatever areas they struggle in.

Music Groups